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Window France 8102
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Window France 8102

Absolute Cameleon

Skyltdocka från Window France serie 81 Absolute Cameleon.

Shoulders: 41cm
Chest: 79cm
Waist: 63cm
Hips: 80cm
Height: 186cm
Heels: 9cm

"This collection uses WINDOW Mannequin’s REVOLUTIONARY CAMELEON REMOVABLE MAKE UP SYSTEM. The collection 81 ABSOLUTE CAMELEON is the REMOVABLE FACE version of the exciting and flexible CAMELEON CONCEPT. This collection has also the added advantage of having the removable eyes and lips, the result of which is a mannequin with unlimited possibilities. It also enables you to style your mannequin from hyper realistic to hyper abstract in just a click ! 2 sorts of realistic base faces are available on which you can construct your make-up using the removable eyes and lips."

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