Our view on sustainable business


As a part of the Indutrade AB family we at KA Olsson & Gems AB follow their sustainability vision and goals. A sustainable business is more than just managing a company, it also requires a watchful eye on the future and a constant strive to create long-term values and be more environment friendly.

Indutrade’s sustainability strategy represents a shared commitment that the businesses within the group continuously develops and improves in ways that are economically, environmentally and socially responsible.

Sustainability Objectives 

Indutrade AB (which KA Olsson & Gems AB is a part of) has signed the UN’s Global Compact sustainability initiative (UNGC) which sets the framework for their and our sustainability work. Our sustainability strategy is built around three key elements; people, environment and profitable growth which are based on UN’s environmental goals with focus on human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.

In 2015, the UN introduced it’s 2030 Agenda for sustainable development supported by 17 sustainable development goals (SDG). Below you can read about Indutrade’s and ours objectives and how they contribute to fulfilment of the SDGs.


Objective 2030: 100% Engaged People

Engaged and talented people are key in building a long-term sustainable business and by focusing on leadership and competence development we enable a long-term growth for our business that are driven by a group of people who are making a difference, every day.

The most relevant global goal: SDG 4 – Quality education

Our employees benefit from continuous leadership and competence development, along with the well-being derived from having a stable workplace.


Objective 2030: CO2 neutral (scopes 1 and 2 GHG)

Stabilizing and reducing carbon dioxide emissions is an important factor in contributing to environmental sustainability. The transition to a low-carbon society involves improving energy efficiency, reducing emissions and increasing the share of renewable energy. In 2020, Indutrade started measuring the carbon footprint at Group level, thereby establishing a baseline. The objective is to reduce direct emissions and compensating the carbon emissions that we cannot avoid, by investing in projects that counterbalance these emissions.

Most relevant global goal: SDG 13 – Climate action

We always strive towards using packing material made from renewable resources and to pack as efficient as possible. Using consolidation as much as possible with our shipments; both from producer and to the final customer. Also doing research for the material which is used for creation of our products is of big significant.

Sustainable profitable growth

Objective 2030: 100% of Indutrade companies contributing to sustainable development.

We sustain our companies' strong market and product positions by efficient use of resources and continuous product and process innovation. Growth is to be achieved organically as well as through acquisitions and Indutrade strives to create sustainable value over time for all of our stakeholders.

  Most relevant Global Goal: SDG 8 – Decent work and economic growth
Solutions and products that contribute to a safer work environment and better health are one of the areas that Group companies work within.

Most relevant Global Goal: SDG 9 – Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Through efficient use of resources and continuous improvements, we strive to minimize the emissions and waste generated by our company.

Indutrade AB track all these developments closely. If you want to see how it’s going, CLICK HERE.


Our Materiality analysis

In order to ensure that we are working with, and reporting on, the matters that are most important to the Indutrade Group and to their stakeholders, we have worked carefully with our materiality analysis.

The following areas within sustainability form the foundation for the Group's overall sustainability work:


· Anti-corruption and business ethics

· Sustainability governance

· People

· Environmental impact

· Sustainable products and solutions

If you want to read more about the sustainability work, we do at KA Olsson & Gems AB and Indutrade AB CLICK HERE.